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 According to user requirements, according to the actual needs of users, for each user to build high quality, personalized machinery, welcome the new and old customers at home and abroad to inquire!, and the service enterprise; Build customer satisfaction products. Companies adhere to "quality survival, reputation and development, scientific and technological innovation, service creates the brand" business philosophy, with "integrity, pragmatic, innovative and enterprising" as the enterprise objective, and continuously improve its product quality!
Step: buy machinery to discuss:
By phone or field trips to negotiate and related mechanical model and price requirements.
Step 2: sign a contract:
Machinery procurement contracts and prepaid deposit contract both sides sign a contract (fax, field either sign a contract).
Arrange production: three steps:
Our company according to the contract requirements, arrange production workshop.
Step four: delivery machinery:
Mechanical delivery acceptance and payment of the balance of the mechanical, complete the relevant formalities.
Delivery: the customer to the machinery, but also can be negotiated by the I will arrange to send a car and agreements related fees. Mechanical process more detailed order please inquire!
Purchase mechanical negotiation
Calls to negotiate or field trips
Sign the contract
Purchase mechanical contract to pay the deposit
Arrange production
Prepare mechanical type according to the requirements of the contract
Mechanical acceptance
Acceptance of the machinery and pay the balance

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