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 ZhuoPuRan tai machinery technology (zhangjiagang) co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery of the jiangnan water town, zhangjiagang, the main production and sales of various kinds of pipe, profile processing molding equipment, such as: automatic type three-dimensional CNC pipe bending machine, single-head hydraulic pipe bender, double hydraulic pipe bender, manual cutting machine, semi-automatic pneumatic cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machine, automatic feeding type cutting machine, pipe fittings pipe end single end chamfering machine, pipe fittings pipe end chamfering machine, pipe fittings pipe end molding machine, automatic liquid compression machine, automatic hydraulic expanding machine, automatic hydraulic bending machine, automatic hydraulic rolling machine, saw blade grinding machine, aluminum cutting machine, automatic hydraulic arc machine, HSS circular saw blade, etc.
"Technology is the life of the product, product quality is the continuation of life", the company in line with "for the purpose of technology, product quality as the goal".
Over the years the company always adhere to the "to improve the quality of the products of science and technology, to expand cooperation enterprise image" as the core of enterprise culture, and constantly increase the outside contact, make friends from all walks of life both at home and abroad to deepen understanding of our, enhance the friendship each other, cooperate!
ZhuoPuRan tai machinery technology (zhangjiagang) co., LTD., adhere to the "pragmatic innovation and enterprising" business objective based on the industry bigger and stronger for the general new and old customers to provide more comprehensive technical service and support.
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