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Automatic pipe bending machine mould installation should pay
In the installation of automatic pipe bending machine mould from time to tome a lot of attention, only to die accurate installation, pipe bending machine can be used better, pipe bender, so to speak of every parts need accurate installation, and requires the use of security.
1, to fully automatic pipe bending machine mould according to the manual for installation, when installation, must not put his hand or body parts in the mold working area, to avoid accidents.
2, when working on or near the machine, don't wear jewelry, can't wear loose clothes. If the mold is too heavy to be lifted up by your hand, you can use the appropriate mechanical hung and then install it.
3, before the installation, will die scrub clean, cannot have dust, can appear otherwise don't match the phenomenon, cause personnel injury, or machine wear, and so on and so forth.
Automatic pipe bending machine mould installation process, there is a potential safety hazard, so be sure to correct installation, according to the instructions for assembly, don't follow one's inclinations, cause unnecessary damage.
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