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How to correctly add lubricating oil to automatic pipe bendi
In the process of using automatic pipe bender, is inseparable from the lubricating oil, if in its lack of lubricating oil, so will affect the normal use. When add lubricating oil is, of course, must master the correct method, the following is to introduce for everybody.
First, before add lubricating oil when, must keep cleaning of oil tank, the internal clean of impurities, also need to pay attention to find out the condition of the oil screen, see if there was defect phenomenon, it is important to note that completes the inspection work, only in this way can make smooth add lubricating oil.
Second, when add lubricating oil should not add too much, you just need to add to mark, so also can ensure that it has better effect to use.
When add lubricating oil to automatic pipe bender, all need to master these aspects above, only in this way can make the job more smoothly, for the equipment itself is also can have a better maintenance effect.
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