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Large quantities of pipe cutting with automatic cutting mach
As the stainless steel pipe products used in life growing, the demand of pipe cutting equipment is becoming more and more big, also more and more demanding; So, large quantities of pipe cutting with what kind of automatic cutting machine? Specifically for large pipe cutting stainless steel cutting machine - ZhuoPu automatic cut pipe has been available.
What is intelligent automatic cutting machine? Intelligent pipe cutter is refers to by nc intelligent control system of tube feeding, feeding, cutting and processing of the tailing realize intelligent, automated operation, can effectively save manpower pipe cutter. It can automatically identify head tail and automatic removal of metal materials, and the tail head material classification, secondary treatment, without artificial; At the same time, to be able to automatically identify material in pipe, can also be intelligent automatic counting, automatic stop reminding replacement of saw blades, and other functions. Can achieve more than 1 person at the same time operating machine, reduce the operating personnel, save manpower, and improve the production efficiency, and save a lot of the cost of production for the enterprise.
ZhuoPu automatic cutting machine has the following features:
1, independent double oil clip, clip more tightly, prevent the bull, reduce the blasting saw blades; Save a lot of material cost for the enterprise.
2, servo feed controlling and mechanical positioning control, cutting precision can be up to + / - 0.05 mm; High precision, high efficiency, less waste products, save a lot of material cost for the enterprise.
3, automatic continuous feed, no dead Angle one material, one person can open more than one machine; For enterprises to save a lot of labor cost and management cost.
4. Double pump hydraulic system, independent regulation clamping and pressure under the knife, to prevent the workpiece deformation, scratch the surface.
5. Blanking with double cylinder, ensure that the rectangular pipe don't change the direction, no burr cutting deformation.
6. The intelligent control system, automatic removal of tail material, a greater advantage, a short pipe cutting the length of the automatic testing of raw materials (workpiece), automatic counting, is advantageous for the enterprises to carry out scientific management.
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