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How to choose a cost-effective automatic cutting machine
Facing the wide variety of automatic cutting machine on the market, whether you already dazzling, have no choice? Your is not necessarily good, only suitable for automatic cutting machine enterprise performance high! Choose a suitable automatic cutting machine mainly according to the size of the cutting quantity, cutting precision and so on to choose. Now in the market of pipe cutting as long as can be divided into: semi-automatic automatic cutter - automatic automatic cut pipe bender - automatic cut pipe, its output is increasing in turn. But of course, laser cutting, laser cutting cost is too high, the price is not high. Be worth what carry is fully automatic cutting machine and automatic cutting line automation, automation degree is higher, the two machines compared with manual or semi-automatic automatic cutting machine, the cutting efficiency is higher, cutting cost is low, suitable for mass production. Front along the automatic cutting production line have been as it comes to the manufacturers, mainly has the following six features:
Ingredients: 1. The province can automatically identify the first material, and removed.
2. High precision: control set + plus mechanical positioning, cutting precision up to + / - 0.05 mm.
3. Manual: full automatic, need to artificial put pipe material on the shelf, the rest of the fully automatic, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time. To facilitate the company management.
4. High efficiency: the average is 2 to 3 seconds.
5. Cutting effect: no burr, level off is smooth, without secondary processing.
6. Can connect the follow-up processing equipment, improve the level of manufacturer's production technology
So so many automatic cutting machine, how to choose cost-effective automatic cutting machine? Contact ZhuoPu, you only need to provide the specifications of the tube, material, cutting, cutting the number of... We will have the professionals to provide you with the high quality, high performance/price ratio, and help you find the automatic cutting machine.
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