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Automatic pipe bender is mainly composed of the parts?
Automatic pipe bender is mainly composed of expanding machine, tube expander, voltage stabilizer and parts such as automatic control instrument, pipe bender is mainly composed of motor, gear reducer and electric switch parts, mainly used for the drive pipe expander for rotary motion, so as to realize seal.
Expansion pipe is composed of expansion rods, shell and drum, in fact, that is, we often say the wheels, is a kind of inflation of the tool.
Automatic control instrument is mainly used in automatic control pipe, can achieve the tube with the same lhe swelling degree, at the same time also can ensure the quality of pipe expanding, avoid pipeline assortments of or had occurred. In addition, the controller also equipped with leakage protection devices, the protection to the tool automatically cut off power supply when leakage occurs.
Voltage source is mainly composed of electrical components, in the process of work, it can cause the voltage stability within a certain range, so as to effectively control voltage stabilizer lhe swelling degree.
Automatic pipe bender is mainly composed of these parts, hope you can have more understanding on it.
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