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How to correctly use of pipe bending machine
How to correctly use of pipe bending machine
With humanization and clever ways to use pipe bender is extremely important. The safety of the operator and mould installation personnel as well as the service life of pipe bender is very important. Proper use and maintenance of pipe bender, will increase the service life of pipe bending machine. However, incorrect use can lead to accidents, there will be a serious danger. Wrong use of pipe bender may not deliberately, but will accelerate pipe bender parts wear and degradation of various functions.
In a security guard near the pipe bender bending the arm, when we have staff into the bent arm movements within the scope of the bent pipe clips staff moment arm, bend arm will stop, and the screen will display alarm, to prevent personnel were task seriously.
When pipe bender is in a state of emergency, you can press the emergency stop button to interrupt the power supply, preventing the occurrence of risk events. After eliminating danger, you need to boot. Before the reboot please ensure the power supply is already open.
1. The location of the emergency stop button
On the operation panel: press this button will stop all the power of the motor and servo.
2. Avoid overload
Abuse of pipe bending machine equipment will lead to overload of pipe bending machine parts. Excessive load may not deliberately, but it is likely to happen. Because you need to use the torque tube bending which is greater than the original design of bender, the torque range.
Confirm the load of pipe bending machine operation, in order to avoid machine components load overload, otherwise it will affect the service life of pipe bender and the safety of the operator.
Warning! The largest bending ability is general iron pipe bending tensile coefficient most standard 40 kg/cm2.
Please be sure to comply with the technical specifications, otherwise it will lead to serious damaged pipe bending machine.
3. Safety training
Through professional pre-service training and examination can avoid the accident harm that may occur during the process of production or it will be to a minimum. Safety training plan must be the leadership and management supervision and guidance. Managers must work in all of their responsibility to maintain sensitivity to the safe operation in the scope.
In order to achieve maximum protection effect, appropriate training is necessary. At ordinary times should inculcate employees on the work environment and safety concept of the operation of the machine and mold installation instructions, safety equipment and operating methods and personal security, and other important rules, focus on personal safety awareness.
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