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Automatic pipe bender electrical safety measures
Using automatic pipe bending machine usage is simple, the use of time should also pay attention to some problems, such as electric power safety should be focused on, because the electricity is not little things, the improper use of words will be very serious consequences.
1, although the automatic pipe bending machine circuit are insulated, but there will always be the line interface, must not to touch, of course, does not allow people to touch, only professional personnel in the maintenance or other circumstances can contact.
2, provide automatic pipe bender voltage must be according to the pipe bending machine to provide the use of voltage, don't over load voltage, it is very dangerous, may cause damage to the machine, stop, or even the leakage situation.
3, before any electrical box is opened, the machine must be completely isolated from the power. And the power supply should be in the closed state.
When using automatic pipe bending machine, electric power security is one of the most important, whether it is for the machine, or for staff, the correct use of electricity, is the guarantee of safety.
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